The Stash Swatch Project: MAC Chromalines

MAC Chromaline

Chromalines are a neat little product, exclusive to the MAC Pro line. These creamy gels can be used for lining, body painting, and as an eyeshadow base if you are feeling particularly daring (I say daring because only black and white are eye-safe). Eyeshadow base is my utilization of choice, by the way.

MAC Chromalines

The shades:

Landscape Green

MAC Green Chromaline

Primary Yellow

MAC Yellow Chromaline

Genuine Orange

MAC Orange Chromaline

Black Black

MAC Black Chromaline

Rich Purple

MAC Purple Chromaline

Marine Ultra

MAC Blue Chromaline

Pure White

MAC White Chromaline

Basic Red

MAC Red Chromaline

And swatched:

MAC Chromalines Swatched

MAC Chromalines Swatched 2

Is anyone familiar with the Chromalines? Any fans?

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