Of Summer Skin and Beauty Must-Haves.


If this sweltering heat wave had its way, we would all succumb to the sun. Writhing in agony as our abused hair/skin/faces took a beating, we would wonder if an end to the cruelty were near. Well, it is. When it comes to arming ourselves against the sizzling heat, there are products out there that can very well become weapons of choice, the items in this post being my sword and dagger.

Lavanilas delicious Vanilla Coconut Body Butter ensures that my skin doesn’t know the meaning of the word dehydrated.

Lavanila Body Butter Vanilla Coconut

Parched summer skin becomes a thing of the past, thanks to Lavanila’s Body Butter in Vanilla Coconut. Not only does this rich cream leave my skin super moisturized and not greasy, but it also carries the most delicious scent of Vanilla and Coconuts. I can’t help by take a deep whiff any time I apply it.

SuperGoop! keeps my porcelain epidermis sunburn free.


Sunscreen has always been a pain in the behind to apply, at least for me. The messy creams end up greasing me up, and leave me feeling both sticky and weighted down. Providing the cure to my spf woes, Supergoop has released a lightweight formula that is as easy to apply as a simple swipe of a cloth. With these pre-moistened, sunscreen-soaked towelettes, that sticky feeling is a thing of the past. A swipe across the skin yields protection that ensures that the sun can’t touch me, no matter how hard it tries. As with all sunscreen, normal re-application rules apply.

SunSoul makes sun protection a bit less worrisome.

YeloMod Shirt by Sunsoul

The first product of its kind (that I have seen, at least), SunSoul is a line of clothing with UV Ray protection built right in. Gone is the need to put sunscreen on the epidermal real estate underneath your clothing, as the shirt takes care of all of that for me. Oh, and the fact that the material happens to be lightweight, moisture wicking, and super comfortable is just a bonus, really.

When the damage has already been done, Payot harnesses the power of sunflowers to calm my aching skin.

Payot After Sun Milk

I know that I try to avoid it all costs, but sometimes I’m just not as diligent about sunscreen reapplication as I should be, and my very pale, very sensitive skin gets burned. Kind of like this:

Sunburned Adina
Don't act like this hasn't happened to you

On those days, the soothing power of Payot’s Bénéfice Soleil Anti Aging Repairing Milk cools and treats my irritated, inflamed skin. The thin lotion not only feels great on my aching skin, but it also smells wonderful. In fact, I love this so much that I sometimes use it just for a moisturizing, soothing skin fix.

With my own personal arsenal of products, summer’s blaze has left minimal damage in its wake, for me at least. What are your summer skin must haves?

2 thoughts on “Of Summer Skin and Beauty Must-Haves.

  • August 6, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    You are adorable!!! Is that picture of you with the sunburn recent? You look amazing!!!

  • August 6, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Krista, that picture is ages old. Shows you the last time I got sunburned, ha!

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