Michael Kors Leg Shine

Michael Kors Leg Shine

K.B Fact of Life: I am rather pale, pathetically pasty, and even partly transparent. In fact, I am the palest member of the K.B family. While I am ready, willing, and fully able to accept that fact on most days, sometimes I just don’t deem my day-glo complexion acceptable. Specifically, when I have a planned night on the town, or a day at the beach, or other situations where the sunlight bouncing off my legs will blind people.

Enter Michael Kors Leg Shine.

Michael Kors Leg Shine

A product designed to give gams glitz, glam, and a special kind of bronzy glow, Leg Shine does it all while also leaving a  wonderful, summery scent behind. Since woman cannot live on leg sheen alone, this sexy stick also imparts moisture to every plane it touches. The bonus? This leg shine is like confidence in a stick. I have been using it both on my legs and arms on those days when I am brave enough to show them parts, and I am thrilled to report that those parts shine with confidence, not paleness!

Michael Kors Leg Shine has become my summer skin staple. To get in on the instant confidence, stop by your local department store, online, or at Sephora.

Krasey Rating: Beautifully Bronzed- B+

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