As I have often stated, there is a certain kind of beauty in the technological age. With smartphones, we have instant access to the world via internet, and information is literally just a few seconds away.

iPerfumer App

In the age of Droids and iPhones, new applications are constantly being created to make our lives easier. Sometimes, a new app catches this beauty lover’s eye. The iPerfumer app for iPhone and iPad, by Givaudan, is one of those applications that was designed with both beauty and education in mind.

Finding your perfect sent with iPerfumer is rather simple, honest. In fact, here is a step by step:

1. Download the free app

2. Answer five basic questions (for stats, really)

3. View the five basic fragrance notes, and rate how much you enjoy them.

If you are confused as to what a scent is, click the little i. icon next to the name

4. Search for a few scents that you know, and rate based on whether you love/loathe them

5. Watch the fun unfold, as fragrance recommendations roll out

Because the iPerfumer app is used by countless people across the globe, your personal recommendations will change often, as new fragrances are rated by those with similar taste to yours. Also, the more scents you personally rate, the more accurate your recommendations become. Discovering a new fragrance love has never been easier!

Navigating the world of fragrance can be both difficult and frustrating. With the iPerfumer App now available, the process need not be as trying. iPhone users, this one is for you.

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