Grinds My Gears: Beauty Pet Peeves, And The (Drugstore) Products that Eradicate Them

Grinds My Gears

Pit stains

Lady Speed Stick

Stains are an unsightly burden, no matter how you look at it them. More telling that most are those generated by wonky deodorant that decides it wants to turn the armpit portion of your shirt a most unsavory shade of yellow. Fortunately, Lady Speed Stick’s deodorizing option prevents the stains, all while ensuring that I stay smelling so fresh and so clean.

Teeth Stains

Colgate Wisp

While we are on the subject of stains, let’s discuss the unsavory effects of coffee, tea, wine, and soda, on our pearly whites. Imbibing liquids that threaten to stain our chompers is unavoidable, but suffering through unsightly teeth stains is. A swipe of Wisp’s whitening touch up mini-brushes freshens breath while simultaneously cleaning up tooth gunk. Potential stains never knew what hit them.


Ped Egg

Strutting the streets in fabulous heels is well, fabulous. A pair of heels can do wonders for an outfit, your posture, and your self-esteem. Not so wonderful are the unsightly calluses that form as a result of aforementioned strutting. A nifty pink egg designed to grate away the nasty, the Ped Egg eradicates the problem of dead, callused skin. A minute of rubbing this against my soles gives me soul, and smoother feet, instantly.

Products that exacerbate the condition my eczema-prone skin.


Nothing annoys me more than suffering through an eczema breakout during the summer, and even worse is when a beauty product makes it worse. Fortunately, there are products that I can reach for when that is the case. Touted as the drugstore must-have for sensitive, problematic skin, Cerave products have become a beauty staple for this gal plagued with occasional scratch fests. The new daily moisturizing cream- with spf to boot, satisfies my needs for a daily product that nourishes, protects, and won’t leave me feeling both itchy and scratchy. With a super low pricepoint, there are many reasons to love Cerave.

You have heard mine, now I want to hear yours! Readers, sound off. What are some of your beauty pet peeves? How do you manage them on the cheap?

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