Geeking My Way Through New York Fashion Week- Able Planet Headphones

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Geeking my way through fashion week is a series that showcases my techy handbag staples for fashion week. I am on a mission to simplify, beautify and fashion-ify my technological world, and these are the gadgets that are not only at the height of technological sophistication and advancement, but are also at the height of style.

AblePlanet Headphone

When it comes to reporting on-the-go, one thing that I have come to appreciate during my previous fashion week jaunts was the ability to steal away for a few moments and regroup. More often than not, that would involve secluding myself in a small corner to listen to a few of my favorite tune. Unfortunately, quiet corners are nigh impossible to find in the frenzy of fashion week. Enter an amazing pair of noise-cancellation headphones.

Able Planet’s headphones have felt like a gift from above thus far, more than proving that they have the ability to cancel out environmental noise, boost the quality of sound, and look pretty hot while doing so. The ultra-padded ear panels fit both comfortably and snugly around my ears, while the padding on the band ensures that my head doesn’t start hurting after prolonged. Wear. The sound quality is exceptional, enhancing my music-listening experience like no other headphones can. The volume adjustment on the chord ensures that I don’t have to go digging for my iPod to adjust the volume.

AblePlanet Headphones 2

Making them even more appealing for this busy beauty reporter on the go, these headphones fold in to half their size, fittings into a convenient drawstring pouch. While they add a bit of bulk to my bag, they do not add much weight, as they are surprisingly light.

10% of all sales of this particular pair of headphones is donated to support Breast Cancer Charities, which is a lovely bonus indeed. Amazing sound does not get any more beautiful than that, folks. You can find these Noise Canceling Headphones on the Able Planet website. For a chic sound experience like no other, Able Planet brings it in abundance.

Krasey Rating: A fashionable music-lover’s must-have: A

Stay tuned for more fashionably geeky gadgets.

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