All About Amika Hair

A new hair brand has entered my beauty periphery, and of course I feel obliged to share it with all of you. Amika is a brand of hair toolery with as much style, and as much personality as you and I have. Bringing a full array of stylers and haircare products to suit every follicular craving, Amika does it all, wrapped up in a fun little package.

Curly Hair

At a recent launch event, I had my hair expertly curled by a very delightful stylist. Gaze upon the delicious spiral curls she created using the clipless curling wand. In less than twenty minutes, and only using the slim curler, she took me from Medusa to Curly Sue. The fact that the curler has no clip ensured that there was no snag or crimp in the curl, and the accompanying heat safe glove helped her to really get in there. What do you think?

Curly Hair

Pretty fun, no?

Amika tools and styling products are available online at Love Amika. For tools with punch and personality, Amika’s got it.

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