Under Cover (FX)- A Primer for Every Skin Type

For those who haven’t yet gotten the memo, a makeup primer is that very special base that you absolutely need in order to make your makeup go the distance. Temporarily filling fine lines and wrinkles in order to allow foundation to glide on and stay put, you can count on a primer to cure your skin and foundation woes with virtually no time or effort.

That established, why wouldn’t you want to turn to a company that specializes in the stuff? Offering up a primer for every skin type, for every season, Cover Fx is that very special brand that you can turn to when you wish to be primed to perfection.

Skin Prep FX

A primer designed to treat as it primes, Skin Prep hydrates and repairs as it primes. Ideal for those with normal to dry skin, Skin Prep packs that extra somethin’ somethin’ that your skin will love.

Clear Prep FX

All of my gals who suffer from acne or the oilies, Clear Prep is the primer you crave. A mattifier, this particular primer is especially ideal for those warm summer months when your skin resembles an oil slick.

Brite Prep FX

Bright Prep is for those who want to shine bright without looking greasy, oily, or way too shiny. Porcelain princesses and sun-phobes can take comfort in this primer’s spf of 50, which ensures you will be well protected from those nasty, damaging solar rays.

Each and every one of these primers does a great job at smoothing out the surface of the skin while ensuring that foundation stays flawless all day, like a good primer should. What makes them exceptional is the fact that each and every one of these primers is customized for a specific skin type, containing the ingredients that will truly love your skin even as it does its job.

For customizable pore and foundation perfection, Cover FX has those special effects that will get us all through the days. Look for the primer of your choice (along with the full line) both online, and at your nearest Sephora.

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