Travel to the Beach with Bobbi Brown

Pack your towel, the sunscreen, and your great big floppy hat, because we are heading to the beach with Bobbi Brown’s newest collection for the summer.

Shimmering, glowy skin being a recent beauty fixation of mine, Bobbi’s Shimmer Bricks became an obsession from the first delicate swipe of brush against powder. The most recent incarnation- the Beach Shimmer Brick is a quintet of shimmering gold, bronze, and copper.

Much like the Sandstone Shimmer Brick that I swear by, Beach provides both my cheeks and the high planes of my face with a natural, buildable golden glow that breathes life into my porcelain visage. When used individually, each shade (or all of them!) doubles as a sexy, shimmering shadow wash for the lids.

Swatched, each shade individually. Last stripe is all five shades together.

And in action, notice how gorgeous that bronze glow is

Nothing gets me up and out the door faster than a sheer wash of color on the lids. Especially on those days when I am short on time, a quick swipe of a shimmering base does wonders for both my countenance and my mood.

Quickly earning their spot in my makeup must-haves list are these Long Wear and Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadows, which can be worn as a base underneath powders to make the shadows go the distance, or on their own for soft kisses of color. Much like my beloved Sin primer potion, these babies last all the live long day without fading or creasing.

Opal is just that, a sheer, shimmering, opalescent pearl with a pink pearl affect

Surf is a sheer, shimmering shade of baby blue

Shore is a matte nude that mimics my own natural skintone, and doubles as a concealing base lid shade.

Swatched: Opal, Surf, Shore

A collection brimming with soft sheers and shimmering neutrals, Bobbi Brown’s summer collection elevates summer beauty to an art form. Look for it now, available both in stores and online. Floppy hat not included.

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