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I am a live by what is in my purse kind of girl. Heaven forbid a beauty situation arise in which I am caught unprepared, without the proper tools in my larger-than-life (or me) sack. That being said, here are some of my handbag must-haves for beauty on-the-go.

Go Smile Touch Ups

Go Smile Touch Ups are a product that any fan of the dark and smelly can get behind. Sewer mouth is a thing of the past thanks to these liquid freshening pods. Simply slide out of the sleeve, snap, and apply to teeth and tongue for a tasty treat that freshens breath and helps to remove surface stains. The Green Apple and Watermelon flavors are fast favorites.

Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment

Fresh Rosé Lip Balm is a new addition to my bag, and one that has outshone all other wimpy balms to become my new staple. The Sugar Rosé lip balm packs lush moisture, the softest of pink tints, and a spf factor that ensures that my lips will stay protected even as they stay hydrated. Contrary to popular (or my) belief, this lipbalm is not sweetly sugar scented, but citrus.

Jao Goe Oil

Jao is a brand well known on the professional makeup artistry scene, but admittedly doesn’t get the love it deserves when it comes to mass market. Goe (pronounced go) Oil is a newer product, one that packs some heavy moisture in a teeny tiny little tub (or tube). A pea-sized amount is really all you need to impart some heavy moisture wherever you need it, and it doesn’t feel greasy which is always a great thing.

Beauty for Real Light Up Products

Here I give credit double duty products of the beautifully techy variety. Beauty For Real is a line I recently discovered at the makeup show and one that is geared towards girls on the go. The lipgloss and mascara that you see below not only bring the pretty, but they also bring the light. Embedded into the wands of both products are teeny tiny LED light that not only make application a thousand times easier, but also provides some much needed purse light when I need to go digging through my bag for keys and the like. Not bad, not bad at all.

You have seen what is in my bag, now tell me what is in yours. What are your handbag beauty staples?

*I purchased the Fresh balm, the other items were provided by PR for post consideration

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