Perfect Formula for Summertime Nail Fun

Perfect Formula, perfect polish, perfect manicures. There is a new line of nailpolishes that you will most certainly want to partake in, and perfection is their name and game.

Perfect Formula is the perfectly pretty, perfectly durable, all-around-fun line of luxury polishes created by nail polish expert Shari Gottesman. Having been in the family business of mixing polishes for over 15 years (her father started a company that manufactures polish for many major brands), Shari clearly knew what she was doing when she set out to create the ‘Perfect Formula’. These designer polishes are both beautiful, and durable.

The Spring Collection features six shades of pastels that run the range from demure pinks to bright, punchy shades of lime green and lemon yellow. Application is blissfully smooth, while the finish is beautifully shiny.

L’Orangerie is a soft coral, and perfect for pedis if I do say so myself.

Sunrise is a soft, buttery yellow.

Nympheas is a soft carnation pink, and the perfect shade for lovers of the soft and feminine.

Waterlilies is a soft lilac.

Jardin is a soft, pastel mint green.

Giverny is a fun, punchy soft rose.

Application on these is fantastic, as two coats leads to optimal opacity. Dry down is on par with other brands in the price range.

Perfect Formula nail polishes are absolutely nifty. Look for them this June on the Perfect Formula website, or in pre-made sets on QVC.

*Product provided by PR for consideration.

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