Contouring Essentials- The Temptu Concealer Wheel

Concealer makes the world go round, or at the very least it makes this wheel go round and round during my makeup routine. Revisiting the joys of contouring, let’s take a look at the role that this great little concealer palette from Temptu plays in sculpting my face and defining my features.

In our last installment of make my face more chiseled, I went through the basic principles and techniques that I utilize in order to sculpt my features to perfection. A powder palette can be a wonderful tool that gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only tool to get it done. A multi-tonal concealer palette is wonderful for precision and great for skin types that don’t take to powder too well (read: dry skin). A cream or silicone-based concealer also has the ability to look more natural, as creams are easier to blend than most powders. That is why I love Temptu’s concealer wheel so much, because it blends effortlessly into the skin while looking natural. So what if I wasn’t born with awesome cheekbones, I’ll fake it.

Here is a rough sketch of what to use and where. Ideally, we want the deepest shadows to appear where we want the most sculpting, medium tones and midpoints, and the lightest shades on the high points of the face.

Before concealer, then before blending:

After, blended

For that sculpted face you always wanted, nothing can be finer than a good ol’ wheel o’ concealer. This creamy, silicone-based one from Temptu is one of my new favorites.

*Product provided as part of a Makeup Show gift bag.

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