Mattese Elite

In this edition of random acts of swatching, allow me to introduce a brand that many of you have probably never even heard of. Mattese Elite as far as I know is only available at Ricky’s NYC. These products are a recent addition to my makeup collection, showcased at The Makeup Show.

Glitters: Pretty self explanatory, right? They are pretty, shiny, and full of sparkling color!

Loose Pigment in Melon is a sunny coral with strong hints of gold. I cannot resist vibrant orangy corals, no matter how hard I try.

Swatched: Glitters on top in Ruby, Clear, and Coral. Pigment in Melon below on left.

These are just for fun, and inexpensive too. Goodness how I love to play!

NY’ers, get your Mattese Elite on at Ricky’s NYC.

*I purchased these products.

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