Lavanila, Treating You (and Your Little One) Right

You have heard of the expression as smooth as a baby’s bottom, well how about being as well protected as a baby’s bottom? Babies and tots need skincare love too, and Lavanila is bringing that in abundance with a new bath and body line called Healthy Baby, made especially for little ones, and those of a sensitive skin disposition.

I am a huge fan of the entire Lavanila line, because it packs the moisture right along with a delicious scent. Their products are some of my skincare staples, and my love only grows with daily use. Creative geniuses Danielle and Laura bring the very best ingredients forth in their products.

Expanding on their core line and bringing a whole new category to Sephora (baby!), Lavanila has created a fantastic array of products made especially for children ages 0-5, that possess no harsh chemicals, are 100% natural, and provide 30 essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. All of the products are not only guaranteed to be baby-safe, but are also the perfect alternative to conventional skincare for hypersensitive adults. The products are super effective, and carry with them the softest of natural fragrances that is just perfect for the little little ones.

The lineup includes Baby Wash, Baby Sun Block, Baby Lotion, Baby Butter, and Baby Bottom (for chafing on delicate skin). For those looking to try a few of the products at once, the Baby Bundle includes Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, and Baby Bottom, all in a clear pouch. Thanks to this innovative new line, frazzled moms need not have to worry about taking care of their little one, and those with sensitive skin need not worry about allergic reactions to their skincare products anymore.

From bodywash to sunscreen, Lavanila’s Healthy Baby collection is perfect for the little ones and for you as well. Nothing is gentler, more natural, or more beneficial to the skin than these products right here. Find them now at Sephora.

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