In The Mood for Color Changing Nail Polish

I am In The Mood for Love (and color-changing nail polish)

All of my indecisive beauties take note, for there is a new line of nail polishes that is as mercurial as you are.

If you are a nineties child like I am, then you undoubtedly remember that quirky mood jewelry that changed colors depending on how you were feeling at that moment. Expanding on that concept, In The Mood nail lacquers change color with temperature changes. If you are one to get bored with wearing a single color all the time, pay attention.

In The Mood applies and wears just like your regular polishes, with the added bonus of morphing when your digits (and the polishes) get hot or cold. Heat them up and they become lighter, chill them and they become darker. The color changing affect will last as long as the polish does, which is about five days or so sans chipping.

The shades are:

Mellow- This one is kind of like my layout isn’t it? Mellow is a soft lavender that morphs into a pastel pink.


Hyper- A poppy coral that morphs into a demure peachy pink

Devious- A deep, dusty purple that morphs to pastel pink. Think mellow, but a bit less mellow.

Curious- A cool green that morphs to turquoise

Blissful- A dusty rose that morphs to a pearly, pastel pink.

Blissful- A Pearly rose that morphs into the palest of pink pearls.


Hyper (Cold)

Hyper (Warm)

Curious (Cold)

Curious (Warm)

Blissful (Cold)

Blissful (Warm)

Devious (Cold)

Devious (Warm)

Flirty (Cold)

Flirty (Warm)

Mellow (Cold)

Mellow (Warm)

In The Mood Polishes are quirky, cute, and all kinds of fun. They bring back a taste of the nineties, in an awesome kind of way. See them for yourself on

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