Of Sexy Hair and The New Pantene

This is not my Mama’s Pantene. That, and much more was revealed to me during a very recent launch event for the new Pantene.

Since the dawn of hair innovation time, Pantene has been shaking things up and revolutionizing the world of haircare and styling products by staying one step ahead. Driven by science, and the desire to give women of the world the best hair they can possibly have; the new Pantene is a brand new formula, brand new scent, and brand new package that is five years in the making.

Tailored to the unique molecular structure of different hair types, there are now four umbrella categories in the line that work together to add luster to locks. Ninety percent of women fall into the fine, medium/thick, curly, or color treated hair type. Each unique type behaves differently, so each unique type gets its’ own unique product line. I will have more information on all of that fun stuff in a different post, so stay tuned.

The launch event was led by the legendary Danilo, International Brand Ambassador and hairstylist to the stars. Danilo is a hair rockstar, and has styled the likes of everyone from Gwen, to Gaga, to the models backstage at fashion week. He stands behind Pantene because he believes in the products, and he always loves the results. The biggest hair trend as per Danilo is healthy hair, by the way.

After a very interesting presentation on what makes the new Pantene so amazing, we each had the opportunity to put the products to the test. Thanks to a personal consultation with mane man Danilo, I learned that I have fine, curly hair, and lots of it. My personal product prescription set, it was time for a fabulous style session with hairstylist Neil. When he asked me what kind of style I wanted, you know my answer was sexy Brunette Barbie. Voluminous waves were what I craved.

After a blowdry (during which my hair broke the electricity, true story), and a curl set, I was ready to take on the world with a fabulous head of lustrous, voluminous, sexy waves. Neil used Color Preserve for volume shampoo and conditioner, fine hair heat protectant, and thick hair smoothing cream to get my look. My hair is a bit special needs obviously, but both Neil and the products came through for me and had me looking like a sexy Hollywood starlet. I loved the way my hair looked, and felt, and smelled. Ah yes, I am a believer in the new Pantene.
*With Neil, who did an amazing job on my hair.
* With the awesome Danilo, and my beauty lil sis Eileen of Miss Whoever You Are
*With Danilo, whom I love more than rainbows and butterflies. Hairstylists don’t come any better than him.

Whether you are fine, curly, thick, or color-treated, there is a new product set that is right for you. If you are looking for an affordable way to get the most fabulous hair possible, look no further than to the new Pantene, which rolls out next month. This is not your Mama’s Pantene, and that’s a good thing!

*This event was sponsored by Pantene.

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