Lip Luxury- Cle De Peau Lipstick

The day is new and the morning is bright as the city comes to life. Rays of sunlight stream in through the window and dance on the walls as she attempts to wipe the sleep from her eyes and enable awareness to slowly settle in. She glances at her pearl timepiece through squinted eyes only to confirm something she already knew instinctually, that she just doesn’t have enough precious time on this particularly sunny morning. She sits down at her vanity and pulls out her favorite tube of rouge, and instantly she feels more radiant and beautiful. Now she is ready to start her day.

In the world of beauty, there is nothing more iconic than a tube of lipstick. A universal symbol of everything that is good and feminine, lipstick has the power to instill confidence, enhance our appearances, and turn our moods right around. In the sea of makeup that I have come to own, I always reach for my high end lipstick pieces when I need an instant boost and want to feel more beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world. There are several things in this world that I will truly splurge on, and for all it represents- lipstick happens to be one of them.

Cle de Peau is a brand that drips with opulence and luxury, stealing the hearts of all who choose to indulge. Their foundation and concealer are legendary in the beauty books (more on that later), but it is their lipstick that I am currently fixated on. Extra Rich Lipstick has wrapped me in its silky embrace from the moment I first tried it. It is my current beauty obsession and the ultimate lip luxury.

Each bullet of creamy color is chiseled into the shape of a baguette diamond, allowing for optimum precision of application straight from the tube. The pigmented color is infused with moisture, and glides onto my lips and feels instantly moisturizing, not sacrificing does more than glide, but instead flutters about the lips in the lightest of caresses. The creamy formula is non-drying, and lasts all day.

Shade R1 is called Black Bacara, and is a deep, intense shade of burgundy red with purple tones. The shade makes a statement with its dark vampy touches, but does not overwhelm. The dark bruised purple sparkle is an overspray, and once it disappears you are left with a shade more soft berry than intense burgundy.

Shade R2 is called Red Abundance, and is a classic, warm shade of crimson. True red in the tube, the shade definitely swatches more on the warm side. This is the perfect lipstick to wear when breaking out the cat cat eyes and black peep toe pumps.

Swatched: R2 on left, R1 on right

For luxurious lipsticks that make me feel expensive, I have embraced these two from Cle de Peau. One swipe of these heavily pigmented creams can completely turn my day around. You can find them at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks.

What is your lip luxury?

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