La Prairie Whisper Shades Review and Swatches

As promised, here is a closer look at the “Whisper Shades” collection La Prairie.

Whispers of spring in the warm gentle breeze
Delicate dewdrops and a fine morning mist
Blooms emerge shyly, almost a tease
Warm flirts with cool in a delicate spring tryst

The key item in La Prairie’s Spring and Summer Range, the Cellular Treatment Eye Colour Ensemble in  Les Lignes Et Lumieres is a stunning departure from your typical eyeshadow palette. Housed in a sleek and chic silver package, Les Lignes features 4 shades of softly delicate pastel shadows with a contrasting strip of matte black shadow to line and intensify the eyes.

Each powdery pastel captures light most beautifully, giving off a fine sheen that is shimmer in big girl’s clothing. The shades all apply softly and blend like a dream, wearing well on their own for a soft look or playing with the matte black and other darker shades to create unique looks.

The shades included are a matte black liner color, a buttery yellow gold, a cool lilac with a hint of pink, a soft seafoam green, and a bright ivory.

Swatched without a base, you can see how delicate the colors truly are. I only wish the dimension tranferred well on camera. Over a more emollient base, these definitely stand out.

The morning chill gives way
To a bright golden sun in the sky
Tropical beaches a playground by day
Summer flights of fancy pass me on by

Cellular Lip Colour Effects in Breezy Coral is one of the limited edition colors for the lips, and the embodiment of the lip color philosophy for this collection. In contrast to the softer shades we see for the eyes, the lip colors bring brilliantly bold pops of color that don’t whisper, but shout summer.

Breezy Coral is a warm mid-toned pink with flecks of golden sparkle. As with all of the La Prairie Cellular Lip Colour Effects, Breezy Coral is very high on the shimmer and shine scale, in a sophisticated sort of way. This lipgloss is neither tacky nor watered down, but a blissful state in the middle that gives it the ability to adhere to the lips without gluing them together. Lightly fragranced and infused with light reflecting pigments, this lipgloss makes lips look plump and feel pillowy.

La Prairie‘s Whisper Shades collection for Spring and Summer is a journey into the joyful days of spring and summer. For my fellow lovers of luxury cosmetics, this collection is full of must-haves.

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2 thoughts on “La Prairie Whisper Shades Review and Swatches

  • May 10, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    oh i didn't know LP has coloured makeup! this palette is so light that it probably won't work for me as they hardly show up on you. the black, however, is mighty. i love it. i have stopped spending on expensive makeup as i am on a year long holiday and $$$ is saved toward for other things. Thanks for the swatches. 🙂

  • May 12, 2010 at 4:27 am

    Jojoba, they do! This palette is all about being subtly beautiful. Worth it if that is a look you love. 🙂

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