Epic Fragrance Journeys- Travel to France with Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs

Ladies and gents, climb on board the sensory express. I am taking a trip to Paris by way of fragrance, and I am taking you all along for the ride.

First stop is the Eiffel Tower, and lucky you, for you are with your sweetheart. As the two of you stroll hand in hand on this warm, peaceful evening, you can’t help but be sucked into the romance and whimsy of it all. You take a deep breath, and sigh with satisfaction. This is springtime in Paris.

The perfect scent for this magical evening comes to us in the form of Balenciaga’s signature. Not only a maker of fine bags, oh no- but this luxury house has also created an intoxicating scent that is both demure and sexy.

Balenciaga is all soft violet and powdery musk. On first spritz, the fruity sweetness and soft notes of crisp fruit immediately lured me in. As the scent wears on, the fruit notes fade away to reveal soft violet on a base of powdery musk. This floral scent is not in the least bit overwhelming, but rather settles onto the skin like a flirty layer of sheer pink muslin. Balenciaga is a soft, flirty floral that whispers promises of romance. Your sweetie catches a whiff, and he is hooked on you too.

After an evening of romance and a full night’s rest, you awake feeling adventurous. You leave your sweetie pie  sleeping in bed as you venture out on your own for a stroll along the Champs Élysées. Your stomach rumbles, telling you that it’s time for breakfast. The smell of fresh, crusty bread and flaky pastries waft through the streets  and leads you straight to a posh french bistro. With a book in hand, and dreams of sweet treats and cafe au lait in mind, you take your seat and inhale your surroundings. Your scent of the day is just as sweet and intoxicating as the scene, Biscotti from Marc Jacob’s Patisserie collection.

When spritzing on a perfume that is named after a confection, I tend to tread lightly for fear of smelling too sugary sweet. Happy was I when I discovered that Biscotti is everything but, too sweet that is. The scent is a warm floral with hints of vanilla, pistachio and white flowers. Unexpectedly, the fragrance opens on an invigorating citrus note thanks in part to Orange Blossom, and with longer wear, the citrus gives way to vanilla, iris, and a slight hint of woodsy musk. Think cozy patisserie meets outdoor garden, and you have the very essence of Marc Jacobs Biscotti Splash. 
Fragrance is a powerful thing, for it has the ability to transport us to places unknown. Parisian splendor is just a spritz away, thanks to Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs.

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