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In addition to bringing you the best and brightest in the beauty realm each and every single day, I feel it is also my duty as a beauty blogger to frequently spotlight my own favorite brands and products on the regular. Failure to do so is a sin most unforgivable (in my own mind).

That said, it is no secret that I absolutely adore Zoya Nail Polishes. With each successive collection the polish fairies release, I get a warm and tingly feeling way down deep in my chestal region. Those who know me can tell you about my penchant to wax poetic about the joys Zoya polishes, but that is only half the battle. Every week that goes by without me spreading some Zoya lovin’ across the interweb with outlandish posts in tribute is a week that this blog is incomplete. I need to keep that good mojo going, for the sake of the fairies, the nail polish lovers, and for the greater good.

*It’s all for the love of fairies, just like Tink here

The summer collections have just arrived at Krasey Headquarters, and I am absolutely, positively, head-over heels, krasey-in-love. Let’s start the love-fest with the first half of Zoya for summer- Sparkle!

Sparkle is a collection of 6 bright, glittering, metallic shades. The consistency of these polishes is sensational, and all it takes is two coats for a dense, opaque, ultrashine finish. Just as the fairies flitter through the skies and across the disco round, so too do these polishes glide onto the nail. They are long-wearing too, as my Mimi birthday manicure lasted a full week (to many compliments), without my digits looking any worse for the wear.


Allegro/a has its roots in the word for happy, and that is the exact adjective I would use to describe this sassy shade of fuchsia. This reminds me a bit of Roxie, only more magenta than purple.


Charla is not to be confused with Charo, who coochy coochies while shaking her maracas. 

As a child, I was absolutely obsessed with the Little Mermaid, and with mermaids in general. If Ariel really did exist, I would imagine that Charla would be the color of her fin. Charla is a rich oceanic blue turquoise that flashes heavily green. One of the most unique colors I have seen in my polish exploits, Charla (not unlike Charo) demands to be noticed.


Nidhi is the hot tamale of the bunch, a warm red with silver microglitter. Since the name of this polish is the Indian word for treasure, I figure it would be more than appropriate to compare this to a silky red sari.


Gilda is a sweet deep shade of cool pink with light pink ultraglitter throughout.


When I look at Ivanka, I think of a deep green sequined gown on a pagaent queen, or Poison Ivy’s costume. The shade is very rich, and is a deep forest green with strong gold and yellow tones.

*Poison Ivy unofficially endorses Ivanka


With Mimi, I am clearly saving the best for last. Mimi is the color you get when you mix my beloved shades of purple and pink, and throw in a strong dash of sparkle and shine. Mimi is spunky, and I like it!

Zoya’s Sparkle Collection is an absolute treat from the fairies, and is available for purchase right now on zoya.com. Be sure to stay tuned for the second half of Zoya Summer- Flash, review coming your way very soon.

*Product provided by PR for consideration

2 thoughts on “Zoya Sparkle Collection

  • April 15, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Mimi and Charla look stunning ^_^

  • April 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Silhouette, those are my two favorites!

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