Tokidoki’s Diamante is a Girl’s Best Friend

Like a wandering sailor lost at sea, I was lured in by the sweet siren call of the Tokidoki Diamante Quad. Whispering sweet promises of pigmented purple eyeshadow, show-stopping packaging, and a pricetag that wouldn’t bust my budget- I was sold. Yes, I knew I have more purple eyeshadow than I can possibly ever use, but tell me if you could resist this face?

It is no coincidence that the eyeshadow quads happens to be one of the stand-outs to the Tokidoki for Sephora Collection in my opinion. An opportunity to try 4 different shadow shades (and finishes in some cases) for only $10 tacked onto the price of a single shadow, the quads are a great value. They are also a no-brainer if you find yourself stumped on color combos.

The packaging is gorgeous, if not a bit excessive in size. Housed in sturdy clear plastic, the top compartment opens to reveal the four shades of shadow. Props to the packaging for labeling shades clearly on the bottom of the compact, just so you know which shades you are getting.

Compartment number 2 opens to reveal the compact’s charm- the adorable diamante. Tier 2 adds a bit of bulk to the compact, but I am hopeful that it can hold more than just Diamante. I am determined to make tier 2 work for me.

The four shades housed within Diamante’s cube are:

Diamante- A creamy beige with flecks of silver glitter. I was not particularly fond of the lack of pigmentation and the chunks of glitter, but I do realize that others are totally into that.
Rubino- A subtle shade of greyed lavendar, I love Rubino for its pearlescent sheen.
Nancy Rocks- A high shine lavendar that applies almost metallic, this was my favorite shade of the bunch.
Romeo- A burgundy plum pearl that applies more brown on my skintone, Romeo would make an awesome crease or liner shade.


The Cromatico Quad absolutely does not disappoint. If you are looking to satisfy your quad cravings, I highly recommend feasting on the tasty morsel that is Diamante.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to check out Tokidoki? Your thoughts??

2 thoughts on “Tokidoki’s Diamante is a Girl’s Best Friend

  • April 9, 2010 at 2:37 am

    Romeo is SO pretty 🙂 like you said, perfect crease shade

  • April 9, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Silhouette, it is! Will Tokidoki be available where you are?

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