Weekend Getaway- Mohegan Sun

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I packed our bags and brought a couple of friends along for a mini getaway to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. While none of us really won big, we did have ourselves a wonderful time.

Saturday’s Outfit of the day

Chilling at Leffingwell’s, which Kristine dubbed martini mountain- a chill space in the Sky Casino where martinis and a relaxed atmosphere are what rules.
The bf commented on the Alice in Wonderland like vibe these red velvet chairs had. Definitely a fun spot to lounge in between wandering the casino.
Dressed for a dinner, and ready to take on the evening. I literally had 20 minutes to get ready, eep!
Dinnertime at Bubba’s BBQ. That ginormous margarita was just begging to have its picture taken. You can also kinda see my eye makeup, which was all Illamasqua mattes.
The trip ended with a viewing of Alice in Wonderland in 3D, which I absolutely loved. From the scenery to the costumes to the story, I absolutely loved what Tim Burton did with a well known classic.
Please do let me know if you want makeup and outfit details, as I would be more than happy to oblige. In the meantime, tell me what you did this weekend?

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