Spring Beauty Trend- Ask the Artist with MAC’s Keri B

Having been around the proverbial backstage block, I have really come to appreciate the drive, talent, and incredible skill possessed by professional makeup artists that make their jobs beautifying both models and the masses. One perspective (my own) does not beauty banter make, so in my effort to bring you all the best that beauty has to offer, I am tapping into the knowledge banks of those very same artists that I hold so much admiration for. Welcome to Krasey Beauty’s ‘Ask The Artist’ series, where I will be bringing you interviews with the industry’s biggest and brightest stars.

First up is a chat with the goddess of the smoky eye, trend talker, beauty guru, and color-lover-at-large- M·A·C Cosmetics‘ very own Keri B. A veritable force to be reckoned with in the beauty realm, Keri does it all from demos to backstage, all with her own unique flavor and style. Since 1996 she has been changing lives one makeup brushstroke at a time, and since 2009, she has been taking twitter by storm with her hotter than hot face of the day looks. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her on twitter (@MAC_Keri_B), and I can honestly say that I would be hard pressed to find someone with as much passion, as much drive, and as much talent as this beauty has.

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1. Rockstar, perfectionist, or multi-tasking maven? Being a Makeup Artist means that you have to wear many hats, but how would you define what it is that you do?

Being a make up artists requires A LOT of people skills…you have to be adaptable, flexible and have strong artistic skills…its kind of like Kenny Rogers in his song the Gambler: “Gotta know when to fold them. Know when to hold them. Know when to walk away and know when to run! Oh yea and please never count your money when you’re sitting at the table…” It’s kind of rude (definitely work all that out in advance!)

All song lyrics aside, you have to really be able to meet the needs of your client and work together with others while being able to stay true to the integrity of your craft and artistry!

2. Backstage at Fashion Week is a very exciting place for a beauty editor, full of artistry in motion. Can you give me the makeup artist’s perspective? Also, what was the most exciting makeup look that you saw this season? Which was the most challenging to execute?

Well as a beauty/fashion make up artist working back stage is very affirming. It’s like, “WOW I’ve made it!” And working with a company like M·A·C for 14 years really gives you so many amazing opportunities to work with so many of my make up heroes. This February was my 18th season backstage! But it can also be very challenging and exhausting. There are many personalities backstage as well as press, and there is often times a lot at stake for the designer, the stylist, the hair and make up key. I usually work as part of a team.

It’s our job to re-create the Key’s vision on the model in front of us. It’s a skill you have to tap into – different from when you’re keying a look. It becomes about the common goal not just about your own make up signature.

I loved many of the looks this season- Cushnie Et Ochs was really awesome. Sarah Tanno keyed the show and it was a beautiful mix of MAC Cream Color Bases and Pigments, which are two of my favorite products to work with.

One of my most challenging shows this season was Jeremy Scott, Val Garland (my ultimate make up heroine) keyed the show…I respect her work and vision so much that I definitely piled the pressure on myself. The look was like really HOT Cosmic Barbies. The make up involved lots and lots of black liner. Which is gorgeous when its all applied but can be really stressful in the process…sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe! 🙂

3. Taking a step back from the amazing fall makeup looks we saw, what do you think is or will be the hot trend for spring?

I know for many seasons now the EYES have had it! However, I think for Spring 2010 we are going to see a resurgence of color on the lips done with lipstick! I know my mantra for 2010 is (and you can quote me on this) “To lip gloss is good but to LIP STICK is divine!” Colors like Orange and Coral are going to be everywhere!

3. How can the average girl get the look on her own?

Make up is such a powerful medium that sometimes I feel that women get intimidated for no reason. Practice really does make perfect. Go to the MAC counter chat with the artists there and find a great lipstick with a bite of color. The internet is also a great tool now too! Beauty Bloggers are doing a great job spotting the trends and doing how-to’s as well! Keep the rest of the skin fairly clean and just focus on the lips! You will be glad you did!

4. Which beauty trend would you like to see make a comeback? Which trend do you wish to fade from existence?

I am a girl from the 80’s so I absolutely love color and lots of it…so I am always excited about any notions of color – but it needs to be done in a tasteful way! If you are going to use color, make sure to focus on just one feature and leave the rest of your canvas finished but more neutral! As far as a trend that I wouldn’t loose sleep over…too much tanning! But I am a one of those pale girls who has a hard time getting, never mind keeping a tan! HA!

5. Last but not least, what are the three products that you cannot live without?

Three?? That’s all I get? Ok lets see – MAC Fix + , MAC Mascara X in Black and Smolder Eye Kohl. (But trust me that is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg!)

I want to give a special thanks to Keri for taking the time to talk with me. If you aren’t following her, get on that stat.

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