Shu Uemura Spring 2010 Egerie Collection- Face and Eyes

Shu Uemura Spring égérie Collection

Now that we have thoroughly confused ourselves as to what season it is (a la fall fashion in February!), let us take a step back and get better acquainted with spring.

Bringing forth a gorgeous dichotomy that plays with both texture and color, Shu Uemura brings us both intense metallics and airy pastel sparkles with their 130th anniversary spring égérie collection.

For a look at the face and eye products, take the jump!

The Face Products:
For the face color portion of this collection, there is a distinct focus on iridescent sparkle and glowing skin. Not to weigh down the face with dry powders, the highlights and blush come in stick form, to impart the face with a lit-from-within glow. 

I feel that nothing is more important to a skin’s finished look than providing an extra bit of soft sheen on the high planes of the face, giving features some extra pop. The effect we are going for is soft luminescence, and soft sparkle that doesn’t try too hard or look too glittery. Well, Shu hit the nail on the head with the Highlight Satin Radiant Stick. Gliding on smoothly, blending easily, and highlighting flawlessly, this soft shade of golden white is as beautiful as it is flattering. I am in love. 
Further adding to the affect of a soft, flawless complexion, the Blush Satin Radiant Stick glides onto my face and dries down to a soft powdery finish, instantly providing me with a lit from within flush. The soft peachy pink is sparkling, but not overly so. It wakes my skin up like only a cream blush can.
Swatches: Blush, Highlight. Orgasm fans take note, the blush stick is a great dupe!
The last swatch is the lipstick from the collection, making an appearance very soon.
The Eye Products:
To me, the stand-out item in this collection, and where the dichotomy and edgy feel really comes from is the égérie Eye Shimmer Duo. The duos consist of a iridescent, sparkling, metallic gel, and a soft, sparkling powder topcoat to give the gels an extra bit of shine and duochrome color. Of note is the fact that the powders themselves don’t pack a lot of color, but rather adhere to the gels to add facets of multi-dimensional color, especially when the product hits the light.

Shiny Mint is a lemon lime/pastel gel base with complimenting pink loose powder.

Starry Violet is a deep, metallic silver base with a soft pastel purple loose powder to compliment.
Glint Blue is a brown metallic base with a pastel blue sparkling loose powder topcoat.
Swatched, L-R Starry Violet Base, Shiny Mint Base, Glint Blue Base
Violet Loose Powder, Mint Loose Powder, Blue Loose Powder.
violet gel base+ powder, mint gel base + powder, blue gel base + powder.
Shu Uemura’s latest is already available both online, and in stores. Bringing forth a bit of edge to a pastel color palette, Shu has thoroughly managed to keep me excited about the warmer months up ahead. Also included in the collection are a lipstick and 2 lacquers, so please do stay tuned for the full details on those in the next post.
*Products mentioned in this post were provided by brand for consideration.

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