New York Fashion Week Aveda Tweetup Covers Spring Hair Trend

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, we have been in full-blown fall fashion week mode here at Krasey Beauty these past two weeks. While it was fun to jump ahead and get an in-depth look into fall 2010 trends, I would actually like to take a step back and talk about spring 2010 trends for hair. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Aveda Institute, we can all have the hottest hair looks for spring at our fingertips.

To hear what is hot for spring, take the jump

Lead stylist at the Aveda Institute, Kurt Lowry knows more than a thing or two about hair. He demonstrated several styles, tips, and techniques that I will now share with you.

“A messy ponytail looks chic and sexy, without being too over the top.”
To take a hairstyle from day to night, all you need to do is pin it into itself. The look is put together, with just a bit of messiness so that it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard.
Another hot trend for spring is hair texture. Gone are the days of smooth, sleek hair, as backbrushing, texture, and volume now rule. It is time to dust off the hot rollers, because they are making a comeback in a major way.
All it took were a few bobby pins, some Aveda styling products, and hot rollers to create this slightly messy updo.
The finished product is a little bit edgy, and a little bit rockstar. It only takes half an hour, but the hotness lasts and lasts.
Leading the discussion on spring color was Aveda’s very own Jimmy Keaton. The hot color trend for Spring? Jewel toned hair in rich hues of Ruby and Garnet. To acheive a uniquely highlighted effect, color was applied to slightly teased hair.
Last but not least, braids are back. Plaited hair has been seen all over the runway, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like Pollyanna. This ‘do had side braids meet in the middle, with hair that was wavy on the bottom, and volumized at the top. Gorgeous!
The models all looked fabulous, demonstrating what is hot in hair. 
For Spring hair trends, the folks at Aveda have you covered. Jeweled tones, braids, and textured waves are at the height of fashion right now, and getting the look is super easy when you know the tricks of the trade.

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