MUD Cream Mascara

Today I am bringing you another MUDdy review, this time focusing on the eyes with Cream Mascara.

Every product I have tried from MUD thus far has been nothing less than stellar. From eyeshadow to lip glaze, the products perform. That being said, I found Cream to be a good mascara, but not a great mascara. Let me explain. 
When applied with the standard issue bristle brush of medium thickness, this semi-wet formula does a great job at grabbing all my lashes, while lengthening and darkening them.What the brush and formula fail to do however are to give me both volume and curl.
More than anything, I am always on the lookout for the mascara that will give me the fattest lashes possible. Unfortunately, cream does not deliver in that regard. Though what it lacks in volume it makes up for in being flake free and long lasting.
The official scorecard:
Lengthening    A

Curling    B
Thickening    C+
Price    $14
Ease of Use    A
Delivery System    B
Overall Rating    B

The Results, Two coats:

MUD‘s cream mascara is a good mascara if you are looking for long, dark lashes, but falls just short of being perfect for me with its lack of volumizing capabilities. Being the beauty sleuth that I am, I am curious to try the volumizing mascara, which might inspire more love.
*Product was provided for consideration

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