Make Thyself Over with Daily Makeover and DEX New York

Being a fickle kind of gal, I cannot wear the same look for too long without worrying that said look is getting to be too blase. I am always eager to embrace trend, and take pride in my ability to do my beauty due diligence and find out how to switch things up whenever I get that itch. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to anticipate the outcomes of aforementioned transformations. Trying a new look has backfired on me before.

On a similar note, I cannot reiterate enough how grateful I am to live in a city where reinvention is easily accomplished, thanks to the plethora of beauty options and hotspots within striking distance of my wriggling digits and antsy feet. Dear readers, now is the time to introduce you all to both an online resource created with virtually making you (and me) over in mind, as well as a space for all my local gals to visit to get it done. Say hello to beauty makeovers, the virtual and NYC edition.

Daily Makeover is one of those websites that you are going to want to visit and bookmark, right now. A treasure trove of beauty information, you can find everything from trend, to tips, to product reviews. Going beyond just talking makeup, Daily Makeover ups the ante with the ultimate in virtual interactive beauty. Makeover Studio is a cozy spot on the site where you can upload your photo, and then go to town applying the latest trends, celebrity styles, and hottest products to your image. Makeover shows you what is hot, and takes it one step further by letting you try before you buy.

Once you have created a fabulous new look for yourself, you are going to want to go ahead and get it done. For my gals who aren’t exactly beauty d.i.y-ers, there is the DEX New York Studio space. You have heard me talk about the products and the brand before, but did you know that there is a fabulous studio space to go with them? DEX NY is a one stop shop that will painlessly take you from ordinary to extraordinary in no time flat. Nestled in the fashion district, DEX has everything from a hair station, to a makeup atrium (seen above), to a full fledged photo studio. To schedule an appointment with one of the many talents, or to go check out the cosmetic line in person, stop by or give DEX New York a call at 212.643.3188 ext 107.

Armed with the right tools, revamping your image is easy as clicking on a site or hopping in a cab. What do you do when you are looking for a change?

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