MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection- Review and Swatches

MAC Cosmetics Liberty of London

The newest collaboration collection from MAC brings all of us fanatics a little taste of London chic. With cheerful patterns, bright colors, and brilliant packaging, Liberty of London is a welcome addition to our spring beauty arsenal. Let’s go through the lineup (with swatches), shall we?

Eyeshadows- Unfortunately, the eyeshadows as a whole did not stand out in this collection, at least for me.  The texture of most gave me problems, specifically pigmentation issues due to the finish. Of all the shades, Bough Grey and Birds and Berries were the only “have to have its”.

Free to Be- A repromoted shade, Free to be is a salmon/coral matte.
Dame’s Desire is a repromote from the Dame Edna collection, a mauvey purple frost
Bough Grey- Another one of my favorites, this shade of grey satin flashes strong on the blue and green
Give Me Liberty of London- The collection’s namesake, this matte pale pink is ultra disappointing on the pigmentation factor. Swatching slightly chalky, I was not at all impressed.
Birds and Berries- This one is like the blue/green version of Club, a deep teal duochrome, and one of my favorite shades in the eyeshadow collection.

Birds and Berries, Give Me Liberty of London, Dame’s Desire, Free to Be, Bough Grey

Lipsticks- The real stars of the collection, the lipstick shades are lively, pigmented, and fun! None of those glazes and lustres, all four shades are full-on, opaque creams. The exception is Peachstock, which is still a lovely satin.

Blooming Lovely- The most exciting shade in the collection, Blooming Lovely is a more pinky mauve version of Lavendar Whip. In my beloved Amplified Cream (!) finish, this lipstick provides a whallop of gorgeous color.
Everhip- A soft salmony coral in the creamsheen finish, Everhip is the perfect shade for spring. Light, fresh,
Petals and Peacocks- Petals is a soft fuschia with blue tones to it. This is the perfect shade to ease into the bright of summer, as it is not nearly as intense as say, Girl About Town.
Peachstock- A pro permanent shade, Peachstock is a beige/peach satin. If I had to compare it to another color, it would be a deeper, peachier Myth.

Lipglass- The perfect compliment to the lipsticks, the lipglasses from this collection most certainly did not disappoint either. I didn’t pick any of them up, but boy did I ever want to.

Frankly Fresh- A rosy neutral, frankly fresh is a universally flattering shade
Perennial High Style is Everhip’s sister lipglass, a bright (but not overly so) coral, with just the right hint of pop
A Different Groove- The oddball of this collection, Groove is a blackened berry with intense sparkle. Of all the lipglasses, this would be the shade I would feel most inclined to wear alone.
English Accents- Literally Blooming Lovely in lipglass form. A cool pink that runs strong on the purple side.

Lipglasses on bottom, L-R: Frankly Fresh, Perennial High Style, A Different Groove, English Accents.

Blushes- A disappointment for me, I found the blushes to be rather harsh, devoid of sheen, and not exactly springlike. I would have loved to see something more along the lines of beauty powder blushes, which feel a bit lighter and pack more shine. It is a matter of personal preference, but I have always gravitated towards blushes with sheen.

Prim and Proper is a tanned brown satin, that I could see turning muddy if you aren’t careful.
Dirty Plum is a deep burgundy/plum matte that is quite heavy on the pigmentation. I would imagine having to use a very light hand when applying this one.

Beauty Powders- I cannot tell a lie, I am a huge fan of Beauty Powders. It absolutely goes without saying that I am thrilled that they were included in the collection.

Shell Pearl is a tried and true favorite, a soft peachy pink that goes on all sheen and very low on the pigmentation. We have seen this shade many times before, and it is always a welcomed favorite.
Summer Rose is a repromote from last year’s Rose Romance, though this incarnation is devoid the rose pattern. This shade actually makes a lovely blush for the pale gals.

Apologies for the not so stellar swatches. The bp’s were obviously camera shy! L-R Summer Rose, Shell Pearl

Nail Polishes- As usual, I didn’t have the opportunity to swatch the polishes.
Vestral White is a stark white cream, with high intensity
Blue India is a deep greyed blue, and another unexpected shade for spring that plays up on turquoise trend.

The full lip and eye lineup one more time

Bags and a scarf were also launched with the collection, in the classic Liberty of London Print.

The MAC Cosmetics Give Me Liberty of London Collection is available right now, so hurry up and get your fix. Items are selling quickly, so definitely do not delay.

What are your favorites from the colloboration? Is this a winner or a dud in your opinion?

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