La Mer Body Creme is Pure Luxury

Spring may be on the horizon, but I am still running dryer than the Sahara this March. High blasts of heat and hot water showers have sapped the moisture from my skin, leaving me feeling itchy, looking ashy, and wishing there were a miracle product that would take all of it away on my terms. What I need is moisture, and lots of it; what I want is a cream that isn’t too heavy, and smells amazing to boot. Bellas, I have found said illustrious product in the form of La Mer‘s Body Creme, the newest addition to my beauty lifestyle. 

The Body Creme is everything I could ever want, and the only thing I will ever need to keep my skin both soft and smooth. With a texture that is rich, thick, and silky smooth, the product glides on effortlessly. Once on, the creme absorbs quickly and leaves supple, smooth, and radiant skin in its wake. Fans of scented lotion like me will take happiness in the fact that the scent is light and slightly perfumey, without being overpowering or cloying.

The only downside of the product is of course the price point, which will definitely leave your wallet feeling a little bit bereft post purchase. The only comment I can really make is that you do in fact get what you pay for, as the quality of the ingredients cannot be beat. I feel like the price is also slightly offset by the fact that you aren’t using as much to get the job done. A pea sized dab is enough to moisturize my entire arm.

I don’t want to slather my dry skin with just anything, which is why I am turning my body’s largest organ over to the care of what might possibly be the world’s silkiest body creme. La Mer’s The Body Creme is available both online, and in most high end department stores.

*Sample of this product was provided by PR for consideration

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