Dry Your ‘Do with Wrapadoo

If there is one thing I have learned during my bout with post fashion week flu, its that wet hair and the cold do not mix. Another fact that I have come to terms with is that I am just too lazy to whip out my blowdryer every single time I wash my hair. Since I have been lax in paying tribute to the great hair deities, I have instead been turning to an adorable little miracle worker that lets me go about my business while drying my hair for me. Say hello to the Wrapadoo.

An alternative to those funny looking hair turbans you see everywhere, the wrapadoo
is a decidedly more luxe, and definitely less goofy looking alternative. Not to mention they won’t leave you with a fuzz head like those other towels are wont to do. All I do is fit it onto my head, secure the ends with the velcro tabs, and twist my long, wet, dripping hair up and out of the way. I have taken to wearing mine around the house several hours after my shower, and have been amazed every single time my hair has emerged from the covering shiny, soft, and blissfully frizz free.

The Wrapadoo has become my new after shower staple, I love it that much. To view the various styles and patterns (they even make them for kids!), hop on over to their adorable site.

*Product provided by brand for consideration

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