The Beauty of Aromatherapy

Ladies and gents, I am SICK. The infamous post fashion week flu came knocking on my doorstep, and my upper respiratory system answered the call. Run down, dehydrated, and feeling like a furry little woodland creature has lodged itself in my chest, I have combed my beauty stash to find the things that are helping make life a little less unbearable these days.


When you are feeling down and out, sometimes you need warm, calming, comforting scents to bring you a little bit of inner peace.  The French believe that scents have the power to heal, and I think I just might agree with them after holing myself up in my room and lighting the wick on these current favorites:

Aveda Light The Way Candle

A limited edition product created especially for Earth Month, Aveda‘s Light The Way is infused with lavender and sage, which are both known stress busters. When you are feeling miserable, this strong floral will instantly mellow you out. Bonus points for the fact that 100% of proceeds go to the Global Green Grants Fund.

Linnea’s Lights Black Vanilla

Another candle of the Soy variety, this scent by Linnea’s Lights immediately envelopes the room in the warm, delicious aroma of vanilla and patchouli. The potent combination is soothing to be sure, and brings back memories of a happier time when cookies and cake were not calorie laden little monsters. It’s a treat for the senses.

Luster Oral Care 7

When you think of aromatherapy, I am willing to bet that most of you don’t automatically think of toothpaste. I was much the same way, until I was introduced to Luster’s White 7, a toothpaste that is infused with 7 whitening ingredients and 45 different essential oils. Of course it whitens the teeth wonderfully, but White 7 also takes a cue from French aromatherapeutic practices, and uses all natural oils to promote health and wellness. Double duty beauty, for the win!

Which products do you turn to when you are feeling under the weather?

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