New York Fashion Week Backstage at Twinkle by Wenlan with CND, MAC, and Redken

The look for Twinkle by Wenlan was inspired by a gothic fairytale, both disturbing and romantic.

Nails by Roxanne for CND

Playing on the theme of the dark and slightly gothic, models were fitted with press-on nails coated with two layers of Dark Ruby, and softened with Super Matte topcoat, to create a crepe-like, textured effect. The length and shape were kept medium length and wearable, custom-fitted to each model’s nails. Nail shape was square, with softly rounded edges.


Hair by John Ruidant for Redken

Further drawing inspiration from the dark and whimsical themes of the collection, the Redken hair team led by John Ruidant combined both matte and shiny elements to create a sleek, but textured updo. Hair was first divided into 2 sections (top and bottom), and blow-dried using Redken’s Fabricate. Avoiding the use of brushes and combs, stylists used their fingers to make the sections of hair appear very textured and “producty” while styling. The top section was blow dried straight up for volume at the crown, and then incorporated into the rest of the hair via twisted roll on the side of the head.  The bottom portion of the hair was looped and kept rough, for an extra bit of texture and edge.

Makeup by John Paolo  for MAC Cosmetics

A study in contrast, the makeup look for Twinkle combined both shiny and matte elements, and was all about the eyes. Skin was kept soft, matte, and pale, with light contouring around the eyes and jawline with deep bronze blush (working name Laguna, a new shade of mineralize blush for fall). In a look that is all about the windows to our souls, models were treated to a glossy, smoky eye with the use of only one eyeshadow (working name Tarnished Bronze, which is new for fall) with clear gloss on top. Lots of mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes, and false lashes were also fitted on top. Finishing off the look was a flesh colored concealer pencil on the inner rim of the eyes to accentuate eye shape, and dim lip erase and lip balm to nude out lips.
With just the right amount of drama, the Twinkle beauty look was a stunning study in contrast that left me more than excited to see the collection behind it.

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