MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection- Crush Metal Pigments and Ombre Blush

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection

Part 2 focuses on 2 of the brand spanking new products introduced, Crush Metal Pigments and Blush Ombre.


The Crush Metal Pigments are something I previewed back in September at fashion week, and I am pleased to see them rocking it with this collection. A hybrid between solar bits and pigments, Crush Metals are vibrant, metallic, almost “wet” looking bits that crush out to give you the most intense colors. Stacked 1 is a quad of purples, and I absolutely love all of the shades in the bunch that range from lavender to burnt burgundy.
They come in 2 stacks
Though you can easily combine them to create one super stack.
Another newbie in the MAC world, Blush Ombres are soft, pigmented, slightly sparkly blushes that transition from one color to another. Each color family offered a new blush to delight, and I happily went with Colour 1’s Azalea Blossom, a soft cool pink that gradates into a soft, dusty purple. These blushes are the size of a Mineralize Skin Finish, and their texture reminds me of the beauty powder blushes, which I LOVED.
L-R Purple Side, Pink Side, and swirled together.
All in all, I definitely enjoyed some of the offerings from MAC for spring. I felt like the collections were so large, you would be hard pressed not to find at least one thing that catches your eye.
To get your MAC Spring Colour Forecast Fix, be sure to head on over to mac‘s website, and check out all the offerings.
Did anyone partake? What are you planning to get?

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