Luster White for a Quick Fix Whitening

Fact: teeth that are any color other than white are just not cute. Yellow teeth are just not attractive.

 Sorry T-Pain, this look just isn’t cute.

Now admittedly, I have been lax in my own whitening routine. With the ample amounts of coffee and diet Coke that I have been drinking, my teeth were not as pearly white as I would like them to be. With fashion week upon me, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands with a teeth whitening quick fix: Luster‘s 3 Day Weekend White system.

Made to be a quick fix touch up for your chompers, the Weekend White kit involves 2 products/2 steps: an accelerator mouth rinse, and a brush on tooth whitening gel. The kit is designed to whiten teeth up to six shades with use twice a day, for three consecutive days. Unlike other kits, this one promises zero sensitivity post treatment.


Having given this a go myself, I was immediately impressed with how fast and easy the process really was. While I cannot say that I experienced a six shade difference, I would say the white-age was upped by about four shades, which is pretty impressive for such a short time. As promised, I had almost no sensitivity at all.

You can find Weekend White at your local Walgreens, and it retails for a super affordable $20. If you prefer online shopping, you can also get the kit here. For all my friends looking for that teeth whitening quickie, Weekend White is definitely a great way to go.

Kind of common sense, but maintenance is just as important as the whitening. To keep my teeth looking sparkling, I turn to some old drugstore favorites:

The best way to keep white teeth whiter involves floss, brushing, and a rinse to polish things up.Two things that I am especially digging right now are Listerine’s new whitening mouthwash, and Reach’s Total Care floss with Listerine flavor.

What do you do to keep your teeth smile ready?

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