Lancome Had Me Chris and Tell- The Saks Event with Chris Benz

Every season has it, that one “it” shade of lipstick that every girl must have. Usually released as a limited edition color, beauty lovers go crazy and the product sells out in a hot New York minute. The lucky few who get their hands on it are stuck in a state of cosmetic induced euphoria (that would be me), and then there are those who were too late, and who are left to hang their heads in shame while frantically searching through ebay on the daily. I have been there, and it isn’t pretty.

Not so this time, as I am now the proud owner of Lancome’s newest lipstick in the Pout a Porter Lipstick, Chris and Tell. A collaboration with hotter than hot fashion designer Chris Benz, this creamy, sumptuous shade of coral is the hottest color of the spring season. I actually had the opportunity to meet Chris Benz today at a Saks event, as I got the story behind the shade.

Me: Who is the typical Chris Benz girl, what does she look like?
Chris: I don’t have the specific look of the girl in mind, but I do have a general idea of what she would be like. She is funny and down to Earth, without being too serious. She is glamorous, but in a casual way

Me: Why a coral?
Chris: We were actually originally going to go with a nude beige. During the creative process, we had a look at the standout colors from the spring line, and then we just started mixing colors. A little bit of this, a bit more of that. In that sense, it was a very organic process.  In the end we had the shade you see here, and we were very happy with it.

Me: So why a coral?
Chris: The coral shade of the lipstick is a new update on a classic color. Kind of like your grandmother’s coral, but fresher. It is chic, universally flattering, and easy to wear. Bright, but not too bright, a coral that is pink and not orange.

Me: So are you a fan of making the lips stand out?
Chris: Well, I do feel like a lively lipstick is an easy way to update an outfit. With each different lip color that you put on, you change your look, and how you feel.

And that folks is the inside scoop. Chris was an absolute delight to speak with, and extremely down to Earth. Oh, and he has the patience of a saint, as he waited while I pulled my camera out of my Mary Poppins-esque bag, to snap the pic you see above.

Unfortunately, Chris and Tell seems to be sold out almost everywhere. If you do visit the Lancome website, it might tell you which locations near you will still have it. Good luck beauties!

Stay tuned for swatches and a more in-depth review of the lipstick, if I can bring myself to open the box that is.

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