Have a Butterfly Ball with Lipstick Queen

Inspired by Muhammad Ali’s famous quote “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, the newest incarnation of lipstick from the Lipstick Queen is as beautiful to look at as it is on the lips.


And thus my love affair with all things Lipstick Queen continues. Designed to be a super moisturizing gloss in lipstick form, Butterfly Ball is a line of sheer tints that are full of vitamins that enrich the lips and lock in moisture. Each and every LQ product sets itself apart from other brands, and BB is no different. Going beyond a boring sheer, Butterfly Ball packs a punch with a whole lot of turquoise sparkle.
Goodbye (the color you see above) is a deceptively dark purple in the tube, but a gorgeous, shimmering soft berry on the lips.When the light hits it just so, you really get the flash of blue/green that is also responsible for making your smile brighter and your teeth whiter. The lipstick glides on like a super moisturizing gloss, and wears as such throughout the day. These lipsticks are surprisingly long lasting in terms of wear too, as I got five hours from one application. When it does fade, it does so evenly, providing almost a soft stain effect. As with all of the other Lipstick Queen products, Butterfly Ball is completely scent and taste free.
The obligatory lip swatch:

You can find Butterfly Ball online, and anywhere else Lipstick Queen is sold. If you are looking for a lightweight, moisturizing lipstick that packs a little something extra, BB has got you covered.

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