Fashion Week Hair Makeover with Redken and Cutler Salon

So what do you do when fashion week is fast approaching, and your hair is two-toned and looking an absolute fright? Why you go to the experts, and get yourself a fabulous hair makeover in time for the big day.

Desperate for a change, I sent out a distress call asking my peers their thoughts on the best salons in the city. In those answers, I heard of a place designed to turn dead-looking hair (see above) right round into extraordinary hair. A sleek and modern space right in Midtown that is cool, comfortable, and bursting at the seams, chock-full of talented people. I was convinced, and I answered my hair’s s.o.s by running (not walking) to Redken and the Cutler Salon in New York City. In just two short hours, my hair looked Red Carpet worthy, and I left feeling over-the-moon in love with both my new look and my experience.
To watch the transformation, take the jump!

The process began with a consultation with Ben, Cutler Salon’s Color Director. After discussing previous dye jobs, my skintone, and the color I have always wanted, I ultimately decided to leave the final shade decision up to color genius Ben. We hopped over to the color station, where Ben mixed up two batches of color to give the look we were going for. As he lovingly painted the dye onto my locks, I couldn’t help but get excited over the deep red shade I saw at my roots.
While the color developed, Ben and I chatted beauty, blogging, and fashion week. In no time flat it was time for a rinse, glaze, and then another rinse. With my freshly dyed locks covered by a towel, I hopped back to the other side, and sat myself down in Lead Stylist Jenny B’s chair. 
Talking to Jenny is like talking to a hip, stylish girlfriend, one that has her finger on the pulse of beauty and fashion. Jenny is one of the most in demand stylists in the salon, and also a regular backstage with Redken and Cutler at Fashion Week. Excited to have the fate of my hair in her capable hands, I got to telling her a bit about my hair routine, and the look I wanted. All information considered, Jenny began to work her magic. Going with an update to my long layers, Jenny worked in a bit of side bang, cutting the rest of my hair at an angle so as to bring my hair healthier movement. We chatted beauty and backstage, as Jenny applied a mixture of two of Redken’s signature hair products to both protect my hair from the elements and heat, and to keep it smooth and frizz free. Post blowout, I did a bit of a double-take when looking in the mirror. I hardly recognized myself with my gorgeous, luminous, and dare I say it- legendary hair. 

My new look gained me tons of compliments during fashion week, but I can also honestly say that I have never felt more glamorous. Not only did I leave the salon that evening with a gorgeous new look, but also with helpful hair tips, and the friendship of quite possibly the most talented hair people I now have the pleasure of knowing. I have a renewed interest in keeping my locks looking this fabulous for always, and now I know where to go.

To snag an appointment with either Jenny B or Ben (but come on, you know you want to see them both), give the Cutler Salon a call at (212) 308-3838.  Needless to say, they have one major thing in common- they make legendary hair a lifestyle.

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