Crazy Libellule for Valentine’s Day

For a fun fragrance gifting option for the big day, Crazy Libellule and the Poppies does not disappoint.

I have quickly become a huge fan of Crazy Libellule’s solid fragrance sticks. With tons of delicious scents to choose from, the ultra-portable scent sticks layer beautifully and last on the skin. For Valentine’s day, they have put together a trio of scents that capture the mood.
Vanilla Pom d’Amour combines red fruit, vanilla, and rum. The scent to me captures the essence of youthful flirtation.
Chère Louise is a woodsy, musky, spicy rose. Components include rose, patchouli, saffron, storax, combining to create a scent that is sexy without being too overpowering. I kind of picture this one on my single ladies who are on the prowl.
In Love is a light, playful floral with rose, berry, vanilla, and musk. This one is the youngest of the three, and also the most playful.
For Valentine’s day, Crazy Libellule brings the cute and flirty out in all of us with their wonderful set of three crazy sticks. Whether you are happily involved, or sexy and single, this kit has all the scents you need to have yourself some olfactory fun. As with all of the crazy sticks, these are alcohol, paraben, and artificial coloring free.
*Product was provided for consideration.

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