Backstage at New York Fashion Week- Toni Francesc by Mehron

Finishing off my very busy day yesterday, I spent some time with the awesome Mehron Team.

Makeup by Raedawn Johnson for Mehron

Inspired by all things industrial, Raedawn for Mehron created a look revolving around a soft gold lip and strong smoky eye. The feeling was clean with an edge, modern but not over the top.

To achieve the show’s signature smoky eye look, Raedawn first lined eyes, both top and bottom, with the Detailz Pen in black. To give the look a slightly rocker vibe, the liner under the eyes was smudged with a brush, using the black from the E.Y.E palette. The liner on top was kept clean, and not extended past the eye, while mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes. Brows were then defined, and cheeks were slightly contoured. 

To achieve a softly gilded lip, Raedawn used Gold Metallic Powder, mixed with a pink Glosstone. The industrial babes at Toni Francesc inspired some serious gold lip envy.

The models looked beautiful, but can we discuss for just a moment just how gorgeous key artist Raedawn is? One of the lead artists for Mehron, and a great friend of mine, she is as stunning and sweet as she is talented. Her makeup looks are always a work of art.


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