Backstage at New York Fashion Week- Monique Lhullier by CND, MAC, and Barex

As with many other shows that we have seen so far, the emphasis for the beauty look of Lhullier’s show seemed to be on pops of color and unique textures.

Nails by Angie Wingle for CND

Inspired by a classic china doll, the CND team led by Angie Wingle applied lacquer in Rouge Red to the model’s digits. A warm-toned red with slight orange undertones, Rouge Red is almost molten and slightly fiery. Angie applied Speedey afterward, followed by Air Dry, to give nails high glossy shine and depth.

Makeup by Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics

The makeup look for Lhullier was inspired by a Lolita, coming into womanhood and experimenting with makeup. The look was kept fresh and simple, with just a hint of innocence lent by the soft glossy pink eye (Lilac lipglass in Subtle Romance was used) and softly highlighted, porcelain skin. Eyebrows were punctuated with a slight point above the arch in a 1950’s sort of way, and then brushed out for a natural look. The emphasis was truly on the lips, and to get the deep crimson pout Val used Crimson pigment and Apple Red blush.

Hair by Rudi Lewis for Barex

Inspired by Far East, Rudi Lewis and the Barex hair team created what they called “hair sculptures”, using Barex products and a long satin rope. To get the look, model’s hair was first gathered into a high ponytail, sharply parted and coming up on both sides.

Hair was then braided, and interlaced with a long satin rope which provided both texture and contrast to the otherwise sleek updo. The braid was then coiled into a topknot, to finish the high shine, modern hair look.

All in all, I loved the creative hair, poppy nails, and dramatic red lips. I did feel like the eye was a bit messy with the lipglass turned shadow, but it somehow worked when combined with the rest of the look. This concludes the backstage beauty recap for now, but stay tuned because we have lots more fashion week fun coming up. Woo!

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