Backstage at New York Fashion Week- L.A.M.B by CND Nails, MoroccanOil, and MAC Cosmetics

The most exciting show for me today was actually my first MAC at Milk backstage experience

I walked into the backstage area expecting amazing makeup, nails, and hair. What I did not expect was for Gwen Stefani herself to be standing not one foot away from me. For a moment, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

The beauty reporter mode kicked in, so on to the look!

Nails by Roxanne Valinoti for CND Nails

Once again, I had the opportunity to talk with Roxanne from CND about the nail look for L.A.M.B. Using Dark Ruby on short and tailored nails, Roxanne created a modern take on the classic red in a shade that matched the model’s deep berry lips to perfection. With a lacquer that brought the vamp level up a few notches, CND was talking my nail game for fall.

Makeup by Charlotte Tilbury for MAC Cosmetics

Led by Charlotte Tilbury of MAC Cosmetics, the makeup team created a look inspired by screen sirens of the 1930’s. Lips were overdrawn with deep rich berry tones in what Charlotte called a “bourgeois lip look”. Faces were pale porcelain, with strong cat eyes layered with tons of fibre rich mascara to complete the finished look. I absolutely adored this look as a whole, and  I honestly wouldn’t expect any less from glam-fabulous Gwen and ultracool MAC.

Hair by Danillo for MoroccanOil

With Danillo behind the hair helm, the MoroccanOil team created a look that was a modern interpretation of a retro inspiration. Models were given faux fringes with clip in bang extensions, custom-trimmed by the artists. Set in fat curls, hair was then let out into what became a style that had both loose structure and movement. 

All in all, there were some beautiful looks to be seen backstage. Stay tuned for more backstage beauty, as I go live and behind the scenes are fashion week!

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