Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique in Fantasy

We started our adventures into Thierry Mugler beauty with the Plexi Gloss, now let us get better acquainted with another lip product, Rouge Unique.

I seem to be more than a little bit obsessed with the lip products from the line, and with the more unusual products too. Upon glancing around the counter at the plethora of gorgeous goodies, my eyes immediately landed on the stunning blue lipstick Rouge Unique in fantasy. Housed in shiny chrome goodness, this lipstick bullet is faceted in a heptagonal shape.

A somewhat frightening shade of blue in the tube and when swatched heavily, this lipstick is actually designed to be a stain that adjusts to your skin’s natural shade of flushed pink when applied on the skin. I am absolutely obsessed with how gorgeous this looks each and every time that I apply it. Since it is designed to be a stain, you can also rest assured that this will last all the live long day, without drying your lips out in the slightest.
Swatched heavily, as I mentioned, it appears to be quite blue.
However, when swatched lightly you can see how this shows as a pinkish stain.
Swatched on the lips, notice the multidimensional quality that gives it an almost glossy pink/purple/blue tinge
Layered with plexigloss in blue effect, for a truly multi-dimensional look

As you can tell, I am pretty much head-over heels with yet another product from the Thierry Mugler line. Designed to go the distance, Rouge Unique is a lipstick stain that will withstand the tests of wear and come out looking beautiful each and every time. Rouge Unique is fairly expensive, weighing in at a cost of $28, but that $28 is so worth it if you love your high-end makeup.

To check out Fantasy and all of the other stunning shades, hop on over to Thierry Mugler’s online beauty boutique.

*This product was purchased by me, because it was too gorgeous and out there for me to walk away from it. Oh, and because I wanted to review it for all of you too!

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