New Year’s Nails, Blog News, and Other Miscellany

Happy 2010 once more! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, filled with revelry, laughter, and lots of fun! We are now all back on our daily grinds, which also means Krasey Beauty will resume with our regularly scheduled beauty programming. Just wanted to do a little weekend update post for you all before we hop back into the routine.

It was a rather low key New Year’s eve for us, which unfortunately means I don’t have an outfit and face of the day for you all. However, I do have a nail of the day look that I did all by myself. I wanted something blingy and festive, so of course I reached for my beloved Zoya Ultraglitter in Luna. My ring finger got a dose of OPI for Sephora in 212-Sephora, as well as decals by Fingrs.

I went to see Avatar over the weekend, which was an experience in and of itself. If this movie is the future of 3d movies, then I think we will all have a lot to be excited about. Since I am a dork, here is a picture of me rocking my superfly 3d shades.

The thing that really had me squealing in my seat and repeatedly beating up on my boyfriend was the trailer for Alice in Wonderland, also in 3d. I absolutely couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of the display in the theater, which is absolutely gorgeous. March cannot come soon enough!

That is all that was new and exciting in my world. What did you do this past weekend?

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