Manicure of the Week, and More Zoya Goodness

I didn’t want to leave all of you with only my unskilled attempt to swatch Adina from Zoya‘s Reverie. Being more than a little obsessed, you know that your resident fanatic snatched up that bottle of Adina and high-tailed it for the nearest nail salon. So pleased am I with my results, and so impressed was anyone who glimpsed the shade, that I felt it my personal duty to share with all of you. Here is what Adina looks like when professionally applied:

For more Zoya fun, take the jump!

Taking it one step further, I went ahead and added Essie Rock and Republic’s Matte Topcoat. Here is Adina mattified, and I am absolutely loving it!
This is actually a special request, a picture for all of my twitter friends who were joking about seeing Adina ^2

And last but not least, I found Happi’s twin in a lipgloss. Thierry Mugler Plexi Gloss (review coming soon!) in Pink Effect. Don’t they look so adorable together?

Zoya’s Reverie collection has given me a happy in so many ways. From the beautiful colors, to the gorgeous versatility in the finishes, I am in lacquer love. “Adina” has stolen my heart, but the other shades are equally stunning. I am feeling so inspired, that I think this calls for a song!

Zoya Mia, as interpreted from Mamma Mia! by ABBA

I felt cheated and sad
And I think you know when.
So I made up my mind, I must make a new friend
Look at me now, now I’ve really learned
I don’t know how, but I suddenly lose control
Zoya’s fire burns in my soul
Just one coat and I can hear a bell ring
One more coat and I forget everything

Zoya mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist ya?
Zoya mia, does it show again
My My, just how much I’ve missed ya?
Yes, my nails were lack-luster
Now they shine like star clusters
Here and now, I will never let you go
Zoya mia, now I really know
Now, now, I will never let you go

As I dodge your virtual tomatoes, consider giving Reverie a glance. Meanwhile, I will sit and ponder on what those nail polish fairies will think of next.

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