Lady Gaga Takes on NYC- The Monster Ball Concert at Radio City

Those who follow me on twitter know, yesterday I had a life-altering experience in the form of Lady Gaga‘s first NYC concert on her Monster Ball Tour. Suffice it to say that the show blew my ever-loving mind, assaulting my senses with so much awesomeness that I left with no voice, and very little thought capacity. In other words, your krasey beauty’s brain became a krasey pile of ooey gooey goodness. Of course I want to share the experience with you, so fasten your seatbelts kids, because tons of pictures lay ahead.

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The venue: Radio City Music Hall, an NYC institution

As expected, the Gaga wannabes were out in full force. This one particularly impressed me. These outfits took effort.
Before the show, the audience had the opportunity to text whatever they wanted to appear on the screen. It is a bit blurry, but I think you get the idea. 😉
Opening Act 1- Semi Precious Weapons. A solid act, though a bit loud for my tastes. Lots of heavy drums and screaming lyrics.
Opening Act 2- Jason Derulo. Sorry for the blurry picture, because at that point I wanted poor Jason and his washboard abs off the stage, and Gaga on it.

Gaga sure knows how to come in with a bang. The show started with a sixty second film countdown, with an image of Gaga coming down from the ceiling. She then emerged, all blinged out with lights and rhinestones. Matching keyboard was an absolute must, naturally.
In between sets, the audience was dazzled by these amazing displays depicting Gaga in various scenarios. This particular one features a “pure” Gaga decked out in a pure white gown, and a not-so-pure alter ego throwing up ‘blue stuff’ all over her. Pretty freaky.
Feathered headdress, Trash bag top, and white transparent skirt. The lit headresses on her backup dancers were strangely avian, and strongly reminiscent of her AMA performance. This outfit stayed on for only one song, but left quite the impression.
Ah, the pics get better. This was the sparkly leotard hiding under the previous outfit. I felt like Gaga was channeling Madonna from her early Gaultier days, and I LOVED it!
Red lips, a fierce winged cat eye, and sculpted cheeks= Perfection
Another outfit that didn’t stay on long. Feathers are a popular choice for Gaga this tour. Leather fingerless gloves and oversized black futuristic frames
Once the feathers came off, we were left with a pantless, leotarded Gaga. Those soft old Hollywood curls do her so right.
“Show Me Your Teeth NYC”
“I am like Tinkerbell. I will die unless you clap for me. I’m dyinnnng”
One of the highlights of the night for me, Gaga took to her piano to sing ‘Speechless’. The song was dedicated to a special fan of hers, and before the song she spoke out about helping those in need, especially in Haiti.
This number ranked up there with most unique outfits of the night. Gaga looked like an Egyptian Queen meets Viking Princess. For the makeup, she stuck with her winged liner, sculpted cheeks, and strong red lip.
Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that cruel, gilded mace ball. Gaga looks both fierce and fearsome. Little is left to the imagination, but I think it works.

Maybe she was going for gilded Viking with those horns on the helmet
On second thought, I am sure a viking would wear a little bit more?
Another favorite look of mine from the evening, a red pleather combo topped off by an awesome sailor hat. HOT
We have seen the red sequin adorned eyes before, on the Ellen performance if I am not mistaken. I think it works amazingly well, and is something I have only really seen Gaga do.
This one took the cake for most creative performance of the evening. During none other than ‘Paparazzi’, Gaga came in on a platform, flanked by two of her dancers, and her head being held up by 2 rings attached to her hair. Of course she is blindfolded, and of course she is wearing black pleather. My mind was blown.
Towards the end of the song, the platform rose. Earlier in the show, she referenced her previous performance on the same stage, where she “bled to death” at the MTV VMA’s. Both were amazing, but I think I liked this version more.
The last outfit of the night. Gaga brought out her Nomi-inspired, raised shoulder, sequined blazer and foiled bra. She hid her eyes behind round frames. I believe she wore this during her Ellen performance as well?
“I want your bad, your bad romance”
The ending: “Goodnight my little monsters”
I am still on sensory overload. Who else will be going to the Monster Ball?

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