Beauty Resolution- No More Mismatched Foundation With Face Atelier

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Fact of life: Unless you are a mannequin, or you live in a bubble, your skin is not one uniform color.

The Problem: Environmental exposure, age, and genetics are all factors responsible for the uneven quality that most of our complexions have. Whether sun exposure turns your skin several shades darker during those warmer months, or age spots and darker patches are popping up in areas, we all find ourselves frustrated with the need to purchase several shades of foundation to accommodate our own situations.

The Solution: Face Atelier, a well known brand in the makeup artist world, has a wonderful foundation that is designed to give you medium coverage that is HD ready. Silicone based, this foundation glides on the skin, and does not cake. What makes the line so special however, are two very nifty shades of their Ultra Foundation: 0- and 0+.

L-R 0-, 0+. #1 Porcelain

The beauty of 0- and 0+ is that those two bottles literally open up a whole world of shade possibilities for all of my color chameleons out there. You can custom blend your foundation shade, drop-by-drop, with only 0- and 0+. What you also get is the ability to alter any existing shade in your collection, eliminating the need to toss those old colors that just don’t match you anymore, or play “mad scientist” and make the shades you have more ‘you’.

Other fun uses include custom blending the perfect concealer shade, accommodating to lighter and darker patches on both face and body, and creating a very natural, very believable contour.  Added bonus is my fellow makeup artists out there eliminate bulk in their kits, and the need to purchase every shade of foundation out there.
Here are some swatches, to show you how the shades can be altered:
And just to give you an idea, this is the coverage you get. I got my color by mixing in just one drop of 0- into #1 porcelain.

If you have a specific swatch request for a combination of 0- and 0+, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Face Atelier’s Ultra foundations are available online, and make the perfect addition to your foundation kit. With the purchase of those two shades, you just might be set for life on the coverage front.

*Products featured in this post were provided by PR as samples for post consideration.

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