Be An All Natural Beauty Part 1: Vapour Organic

A rising trend in cosmetics, organic is quickly becoming the buzz word around the product world. Not just a term pertaining to food, the organic label in the case of beauty means that a product is made with food-grade, certified organic ingredients. The logic is that natural products will be more beneficial to the skin, and friendlier to the environment, which is an idea that most of us can get behind. Making their mark by going all-natural, Vapour Organic Beauty brings forth an abundance of products designed to make you feel beautiful, naturally.


Mesmerize Eye Color- Essentially an eyeshadow in stick form, mesmerize is a deep, chocolately brown that can be used as an eyeshadow base, or as just eyeshadow itself. I found that I had to work with this one, as the stick was a bit hard and didn’t glide on easily. Holding this under a lamp for a few seconds softened it enough to make application much easiers. Once the stick was softened, the fuss-free, no brush application made for a lovely sheer, soft and smoky eye look. All I needed to do was blend the color a bit with my finger.
Luster Trick Stick- The trick stick is a slim, multi-purpose highlighter that is meant to be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks for a subtle, sheer luminescence. As with the eye color, I did find the stick needed to be warmed up before use. Nevertheless, the result was rather lovely pinky glow that looked great on my browbone.
Aura Multi-Use Blush- Blush in a stick form, Aura is a soft rose shade when blended into the skin. The color is beautiful, and it wears wonderfully throughout the day. I only wish this were a wee bit easier to blend into my cheeks, as I found I had to work with this stick as I did with the others. I do tend to have issues with the blendability of stick blushes in particular, and this was the case with Aura.
New to the Vapour lineup are Halo Body Spotlight, a creamy, shimmer stick, and Siren Lip Adore, a sheer gloss lipstick. Both provide a sophisticated shimmer while delivering antioxidants and moisture via Vapour’s exclusive light-as-air, botanically-infused organic base.
Siren Lip Adore is a light and shimmering lipgloss in lipstick form. This stick is super emollient, and leaves in its wake nothing but a hint of shine and shimmer. What siren lacks in opaque color, it makes up for in moisture and skin-enriching antioxidants. Lip Adore feels wonderful on my lips in the dry cold of winter.

Halo Body Spotlight- Body Spotlight is essentially like the trick stick, only larger. It is designed to impart a soft luminescence on larger areas, and that is exactly what it does. Out of all of the products in the lineup that I tried, Halo had to be my favorite. Gliding easily onto my skin, it left in its wake a soft, powdery, golden glow. I have been using this on the high planes of my face, and on my decollete.
Swatches of Siren Lip and Halo Body Spotlight (L-R, respectively)
Swatches: Top to bottom: Trick Stick, Eye Color, Aura Blush


If you are looking for soft, sheer, fuss-free beauty, Vapour is a good brand to try. While using the sticks might take some getting used to, they are great for sheer, on-the-go makeup applications. Not sacrificing quality for nature, Vapour employs the use of organic ingredients in order to get skin looking healthy and glowing. You can find the brand online, on Vapour’s website.

*The products mentioned in this post were provided as samples by PR for post consideration.

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