Products That Rocked my Beauty World in 2009- Part 1

Looking back on 2009, I want to take the time to highlight the products that rocked my beauty loving world. With so many innovations, so many new beauty discoveries, and so many new products tried and tested, some things I just keep going back to. Here are some of my top picks of the year.

Zoya Nail Polish

It is no secret that I am head over heels, krasey in love with Zoya Nail Polishes. 2009 saw so many amazing collections, and I really cannot wait to see what those fun-loving polish fairies have in store for us for 2010.

Make-Up Designory Eyeshadows

I LOVE me some eyeshadow, so give me amazing shades with intense pigmentation and I just might be your bff. Imagine my excitement in stumbling upon MUD line of eyeshadows, a brand that quickly caught up and became a solid fixture in my top eye shadows category. Stay tuned for more from MUD in 2010.

Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant

In my line of work, I have tried tons of tinted facial moisturizers. And of all those I have come across, Jan Marini tops the list with the beautiful and beneficial daily face protectant, packed with skin-loving ingredients that leave my face looking glowy and fabulous.

Sultra Seductress FlatIron

I just spent a whole post regaling you all with tales of my hair’s new best friend. Sultra is the most amazing iron I have tried, EVER. I love it so much that I would hug it, and cuddle it, and gaze at it adoringly all day.

Stay tuned for more of my top picks. Meanwhile, tell me yours!

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