Holiday Survival- Travel Essentials with EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone

Because sometimes putting your boyfriend in the overhead rack isn’t an option.

Pack rats, holiday travelers, and lovers of pretty bags can rejoice, for EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone has got you covered with a brand new range of eco-friendly cosmetics bags that are not only great for holiday travels, but also make really cute (and useful) gifts for that pack rat in your life.

I know I am not alone in my need to pack anything and everything I own into my suitcase when I travel anywhere, no matter how many days the trip might last. In order to prevent a disaster of critical proportions, I enlist the aid of any and all freestanding containers in my apartment to house said products. Failure to do so, and you get what you see below:

Anywho, this new range of bags is absolutely adorable, and definitely get the job done. Looks aren’t sacrificed, as the whole range comes in natural tan fabric, done in natural colors and decorated with chrysanthemum, lavender, rose, and thyme. All of the bags are made with natural Hemp materials, and are lined with recycled PET(a type of plastic), so nature lovers can rejoice in the product’s commitment to the environment.

Plenty of room in the overnighter, as you see here:

You can find the new range of EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone at your local Target and Walgreens. A krasey little birdy told me that there may be a giveaway coming up soon right here on K.B, so stay tuned for that one.

*Products in this post were provided by PR as samples for post consideration.

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