Holiday Survival- Taming Misbehaving Skin with Sleek

For this skincare post, let us consult our handy-dandy winter checklist:

Holiday parties to attend? Check.
Sweaters, Scarves, Hat, and Gloves to fend off winter chill? Check.
Holiday cheer in abundance? Affirmative.
Prolonged exposure to dry heat, stress, and a steady diet of fried foods and cocktails? Check, double check, triple check.

Yikes, there is definitely a problem here. Wintertime has the ability to absolutely wreak havoc on our skin. The good news is that there are several skin care regimens out there that are designed to keep our faces in tip top shape, no matter the season. With ease, effectiveness, and simplicity in mind Sleek MedSpa offers up customized skincare kits, designed to fully treat your skincare issues. Using the latest and greatest ingredients on the market, Sleek is one of those skincare brands that you can feel confident in trusting your face to.

Blissfully simple, the Sleek Skin product quartet lays out the steps for you, and takes the guesswork out of the process. I had the opportunity to give the normal skin set a test run, to positive results indeed.

The four steps in the skincare regimen that I practiced are as follows:
1 Start off the process with SkinClean Soothe, a gentle liquid/gel cleanser with 10% glycolic acid. To use, I wet my palms and distribute two pumps worth, working this into my skin and then rinsing it off. I love the light fragrance, and I love how my skin felt squeaky clean afterward, with nary a hint of dryness that some cleansers can leave behind.
2 Step 2 is a spritz of SkinPure Heal, a glycolic toner designed to neutralize the skin post cleansing, and prep it for further treatments. Heal also carries a light scent, and feels refreshing on the face. It dries quickly, and leaves the skin glowing, though I do notice that my face feels a tad bit sticky after use. 
3 Step 3 is SkinTreat Replenish, a hyaluronic acid based serum designed to both moisturize and repair damaged skin. Completely unscented, this gel absorbs quickly into the skin after I massage it in.

I’m a science nerd, so I can’t help myself. I will briefly say that the function of hyaluronic acid is to maintain cell turnover and promote skin’s healing. Excessive UV exposure causes hyaluronic acid degradation, which equals bad news. This serum is designed to replenish your sources, and recharge your skin.

4. Anywho, the last step in the regimen is application of SkinMoisture Restore, a light, non-scented moisturizer with Vitamin E and CoQ10. Restore rounds off the process with a formulation that hydrates, replenishes, restores, and boosts cell turnover. It also absorbs quickly into the skin, and doesn’t leave behind any sort of greasiness.

Sleek Skin has been particularly good to my skin these past few weeks, and I recommend it to those of you looking for an effective, cutting-edge, and comprehensive routine this winter, with very little effort involved. This kit also makes a great gift for anyone that loves skincare, or for those who are just getting started.You can find it, along with several other kits at the Sleek Boutique.

*The kit highlighted in this post was provided as a sample by PR for post consideration. The testing period was 2 weeks, and you can rest assured that the opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest. If you have any questions about the foregoing, please contact me at

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